An adventure begins

by - Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Perhaps I have gotten lost in too many adventures this week and have been too exhausted to write. So as I sit here in the back seat of a red hatchback Skoda on my way to another county, I find the opportunity to update. 

 My travels have been fulfilling thus far. We have walked the streets of London for the first few days, did the tourist thing at Buckingham palace and the London eye and had a wonderful dining experience at J Sheekey. 

A few days into our travel we caught the train to Rugby where we took a stroll through Offchurch and ambled alongside the Grand Union Canal. Lucky for us, a boat was passing by so we got to see the canal locks at work. 

 Most nights were spent by the fireplace watching late night British television with a cold glass of wine. 

 The following day the weather warmed up so we spent it wandering the grounds of Warwick Castle . It was truly incredible. The rooms were filled with history as armor displayed in the dining area along with swords and a gigantic porridge pot. Rooms dressed with paintings and other ancient belongings. 

Yesterday we found our way down to Stratford to visit Shakespares birthhouse and browse around the neighbourhood. I was at a loss for words as I got back that day to find that John Keats had once visited and signed the guest registry. John Keats ahhhh my absolute favourite poet alongside Pablo Neruda. I am equally excited to get back to London so I can visit Keats house. 

As we drive through the countryside arriving at our next destination, I ask, "what adventures do you have waiting for us Hertfordshire ?"  


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