The at-home tourist

by - Thursday, April 17, 2014

Coming from such a small country, it gets really frustrating doing the same thing over & over again; eating at the same restaurants, going to the same bars, doing the  [ s a m e  t h i n g  ] o v e r  &  o v e r  &  o v e r !!!  It gets... frustrating ! Lol  :)

So, as I have came back from my UK trip, I find myself now searching for different things to do. Luckily so far, my weekend was super awesome. I spent the morning part of Sunday ziplining through the Macqueripe estate with my cousins, then after took a trip to the zoo, then did the Easter thing and watched George & George fly kites followed by the Run for Hope event up Lady Chancellor Hill with my cousin TM.  All in all, the day began at 9:30 am and ended shortly after 4:30 pm.

Although I have a few upcoming plans, it is always very nice to find new activities and hidden / unknown restaurants and finds.

Sometimes, even going out to the same places, I have decided to order - outside the box - , something different! I am starting to love the wonder of what will come to the table & what would dance along my taste buds. :)

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