Talent of Inmates

by - Saturday, June 14, 2014

I must have said it so many times in person, but there really is so much talent here in our little island.
Today as I browsed through the exhibition of artwork in the Mall's Atrium I had the pleasure of meeting 3 of the artists which are all inmates. Inmates, I know. In my personal opinion it is such a scary word, as my initial reaction and thought on that is a nervous one.

While having a conversation with the officer he mentioned that I live in a bubble, and it is only as I was leaving I was thinking how correct he was. Now I don't know how many probably can share in my reaction but when I heard inmate, my feet clanged to the ground. Why? Why was I so quick to judge someone by their past or their title?  Was it just the quickest reaction? It is only when I got to chat with them one by one that I saw past everything.

Here's Leslie
Although our conversation was based on just his paintings, there was this warmth and softness in his face. His artwork had a broad range of styles which I loved because it showed how he can showcase just about anything. {Those stones that you see in the painting, a few were real}

The next inmate was Leslie's brother Richard

The painting he is holding is the angel moving away the boulder from Jesus tomb. His work also had a broad range as one of his pieces consisted of carved wood.

And last was Alladin

It was one of Alladin's pieces that caught me eye that made me stop and browse.
Just chatting with these men made that fear I had disappear. Their smiles and personalities were enough to just brighten my day and I had such a pleasure to have had the opportunity to meet them. This post will have a follow up later on in the year, but for now please enjoy some of their work along with a few other inmate pieces.

[ Leslie ]

 [ Richard ]

[ Alladin ]

Alladin & Leslie did this one

By the time I tried to continue taking photos, the exhibition was closing and they were taking down the work.
Other paintings from inmates
This piece was a raised piece, look closely
I hope you enjoyed looking at these as much as I did. :)

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  1. Really nice paintings! Excellent one of Machel Montano! ;-)


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