Hawksbill Turtles released - Day 3

by - Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Oh the beach was spectacular this morning !!

Sand Dollar !!

This evening we got word that Hawksbill hatchlings were going to be released into the ocean. Anticipated, I grabbed my camera eager to take photos. 
Being the 2nd time I am getting to see this, the layout on the beach was a bit different as we weren't able to cross a line which made getting close and taking photos a little difficult.

As I gathered it was 2 nests that hatched today, 277 hawksbill hatchlings. They were all so cute and to see their little fins moving quickly racing into the surf made my heart feel so light and sad that not all are going to survive.  :(

Be strong, little ones. 

Can you see the trail of them ?

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