Cycling on the Avenue

by - Friday, October 10, 2014

Since Sunday I have been trying to do a blog post but I kept getting distracted and it has delayed an update terribly !!
Tuesday the Beacon Insurance Company hosted it's 3rd Cycling on the Avenue event.

I went with my cousin to watch the races. It was incredibly hard capturing photos, even with panning. (Photography geeks will know what that is). lol Although I am professional when it comes to photography (maybe eventually I will do a post on my photography) I have never done a cycling event before, and it was night time too so that was a nightmare, although I got some decent shots. :)

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  1. Louann you certainly did capture some beautiful shots here... I wish I had a better eye when taking pictures... I'm just better at other things :-)

    Thank you for your sweet comment ♡

    By the way my legal name is spelled Louanna :-)

  2. Ooo this looks fun! My husband is a biking geek and I admire the people who do the sport (although I personally haaate the feeling of burning thighs as you're trying to pedal fast or up a hill - so I'm much more of an onlooker than a participant). Great photos - it's very tricky to do those nighttime photos!

    Ah yeah and you saw this on my blog, but I nominated you for the Liebster award! Looking forward to reading your responses :)

    Sylvia | The Outfit Lab

  3. Great pictures, perfect job doll!!!!
    Love, Paola.
    My Facebook

  4. Great job on capturing this amazing moment!

    Visit my blog:

  5. Stunning pictures ! I love this event :)


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