Hello February [A Photo Update]

by - Tuesday, February 03, 2015

I have promised to you guys and myself that I will do a vlog soon enough and today I thought "yes, today I will do one" but the day didn't exactly turn out to be unproductive. 
Tonight I had initally planned to go to a Chinese Orchestra but instead got roped in and caught up in helping my sister make Carnival costumes for the children at her kids school. But, it was enjoyable. :)

On the weekend I bought some starch mangoes (which is a popular type in the Caribbean) and they were so delicious that even my nieces couldn't resist and sadly they didn't last a day. They are actually my favourite fruit. I could never resist !

On Sunday I went on a little nature walk through Chaguaramas which was much needed. 
On the grounds before the trail there was a Pomerac tree, another tropical fruit. :)
Coolest Aunty ever !! lol
Other than my weekends being spent finding fruits and being a kid, I've been trying to study for my personal training exam and it is a lot of reading ! I've reached a chapter which is basically Biology - and I never did Biology, so my brain hurts fast. hahaha 

On the upside, when I got home on Monday I was greeted by my Jaclyn Hill palette !! Yes, I was one of the lucky ones that got through to Morphe during the hack. It wasn't easy and it was countless days of trying but so so so happy I got through and it has arrived in one piece. :)

Look how pretty !!
Yesterday I needed some 'Me' time and that is something I actually take really seriously and do a lot ! Just to go somewhere, grab a bite to eat and enjoy the present, the moment. 

I stopped off at a little café called Chaud Café & Wine Bar and had a glass of Moscato and some Mushroom & Farro salad. It was my first time having Farro and I fell in love ! 
I sat outside and enjoyed the evening breeze, it was so enjoyable and relaxing !
Making the kiddies carnival costumes. 
Yes, Carnival the greatest show on Earth !
A yearly event that falls on the Monday & Tuesday before Ash Wednesday.
This year it will fall on the 16th & 17th (of February) and hopefully I would get some photos and videos this time to share. :) 
Perhaps even dedicate an entire post to Carnival, the music, the costumes, the excitement. :)
In the meantime.... enjoy a sneak peak.
Have you ever heard of Trinidad & Tobago Carnival? 
I'll love to hear what you think. :)

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  1. Hey sweetie! Do you stay in Caribbean!? I'll be in Bali and Philippines in June / July and would absolutely love to meet up with people while I am there - meet some of my blogging friends because I am gonna be alone for a lot of the trip!
    Let me know on a comment back on my blog as I don't get notifications when you reply to me on your blog! xxxxx

    Hehehe you and me are definitely the worlds coolest aunties :) <3


  2. Louann I think it's wonderfully sweet you helped your sister out with the costumes and yes you sound like a really cool auntie ;-) ..

    I love that you have me time, I think we all need that from time to time... it's important for our health♡

    Thank you so much for dropping by my blog, you are so sweet... have an awesome rest of the week :-) xox

  3. Oooo I also loooove mangoes! Hehe they wouldn't last long with me either :)
    Looking forward to your vlog! Will be nice to hear your voice and get to know you in another way other than writing!
    Love your blog xxxxx


  4. Great photos! Looks like you having a lot of fun and that makeup pallet is gorgeous!

    Clothes & Quotes

  5. Nice blog thanks for postingg


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