Re-cap of the week

by - Sunday, February 15, 2015

First off thank you all so much for your Q&A's and I shall get to doing up the vlog this week.

Secondly, I apologize that I have been very quiet, and although I try not to post sad news, I figured this may help someone who has the same issue as me.

I don't know how to begin this so I would jump right into it. I can't have a lot of caffeine as it makes my heart go extremely fast and even perks my anxiety at the same time.

I take supplements daily but because of the caffeine I always took UNDER the recommended dosage and never had any bad side effects. Tuesday however I felt I was super woman and decided to take the recommended dosage which ended up with me in the ER on IV drips.

It first started with my heart racing, then me needing to use the washroom.... vomiting started, then diarrhea, my body was in so much shock and I was extremely dehydrated. I was in the shower hoping the water would help until I realized I was trembling, freezing cold. My sister threw on a top and a pants on me and rushed me to the doctor first who said to just take me to the ER. 

Once at the ER and the IV drips were in I started to feel a bit better. I had a Filipino nurse who was really great to me and a Venezuelan cardiologist who kept my spirits high with his jokes. Having never been warded at a hospital before, they made me feel very comfortable. All my tests came back fine, which was a relief and I was able to go home that day. 

The following day I rested and then went back to work later on in the week. Feeling a little stressed that I haven't studied all week, and was super busy with work that got my anxiety on the edge this morning.... but, I am feeling a lot better !!

In conclusion, if you know you shouldn't have something, don't... period. It was a big wakeup call for me as I didn't see any side effects prior. I am very thankful I'm okay and it wasn't worse. 

In Other News......

Shall I do a re-cap of this week in photos ? Yep !!

Last Friday my girls and I arranged an impromptu sushi dinner date. 
That night I went to see Frances de la Tour at the Alliance Françasie reading a few of her poems alongside her cousin Sarah Beckett.
Myself, Sarah Beckett, Frances de la Tour, My beautiful friend Maria.
Sunday Maria and Myself went for a lovely Sunday lunch at the Yacht Club. The food was delicious!!
Fast forward the week and we have arrived at Carnival Sunday !! woohooooo
 Monday and Tuesday is Carnival and I hope to get some footage for you guys. I am not playing this year, except for J'ouvert which the pre-party begins tomorrow morning at 1 am. 

Less than 7 hours to go <3
Last year J'ouvert.
Have a beautiful week my loves !!
Sorry this post has been all over. ♡ 

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  1. Louann... first let me tell you, I am so happy to hear you are okay... that sounded very scary to say the least... I have issues with caffeine myself and with lack of sleep, I have to take some in the morning to get through the day, I am careful not to go over board ... I have had negative side effects myself, so I am much more careful and I never take it late at night.

    I look forward to your answers when you are feeling up to it ... relax and don't put too much pressure on yourself xox

  2. Lou! I am so glad that all is well with you. I had no idea that you were so sick. As I read this, I picked up my phone to call you and then realized that you were probably sleeping as you played Jouvert last night. We will definitely chat soon.

    I haven't seen Lauren in ages...she's looking great. :)

  3. Hello,

    Very useful advice. Most people learn only when they burn their fingers.

    Lovely photos.

    Best wishes

  4. Oh my gosh that sounds terrifying babe!!!! I'm so glad that you're OK - really!! How awful for you. I really don't know how I'd survive without coffee but there are tons of caffeine free drinks that are delicious and comforting to enjoy too.
    I heard a story once about a woman with diabetes who somehow got better so she started eating more bravely... and one day she ate a bag of grapes and died a few hours later because her body just wasn't used to the sugar!
    Crazy right?!?

  5. Hope you feel better soon. Lovely timeline in pictures! :)

  6. I'm so sorry to hear you ended up in hospital, that's so unfortunate but I suppose it's a lesson well learnt! Your carnival photos are wonderful and if this post is in time order, it certainly seems life has improved since your horrible caffeine-experience! :) I hope you're having a lovely (and healthy!) day! :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice


  7. Omg! I am glad you are ok! That sounds horrible! Dont you love girl dates?! Now I want sushi!

    <3 Shannon
    Upbeat Soles

  8. Oh, I'm so glad to hear you are ok!!!!
    Btw, Lovely pics!!!!
    xo Paola
    My Facebook

  9. I love the recap! Thanks for sharing!
    Melanie @

  10. Nice recap:) Lovely photo-diary!:)

  11. You sound like you've been having a very nice time, other than the mishaps described at the beginning of this post. Haha the last photos are so drenched in colour. I hope I don't end up like that tomorrow at the colour run.

    I've also nominated you for the lovely blog award! Here's the link:

    The Life of Little Me

  12. I am so glad you are ok! The photos are adorable!

  13. Your life is so colorful and festive, love a gal that can drink and get down with her gfs!
    Thank you for visiting my blog sweets, would love to get your thoughts on my latest!

    Xx- Julie

    Haute Khuuture Blog

  14. Where is your vlog!? I'm so excited to watch it! :)
    Hope you're all better?? Don't go all silent on us after telling us scary things like that! Worries us xx

  15. I'm glad to hear you're feeling better now!

    Those pictures are so lovely and it seems like you had a lot of fun during the week, once your health problem was over.

    I hope you had fun at the J'ouvert!

    I also would like to use this post to let you know that I've nominated you for the Infinity Dreams Award! Visit the following link to learn what is it about: I've been nominated for the Infinity Dreams Award :)

    Salha | Abuhayar


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