End of March Photo Update - Videos included

by - Monday, March 30, 2015

My loves, 
March has come and gone and I find myself still fumbling around for words to write.
Sometimes we really get lost in life, the moments, the adventure, the tiredness it can bring, 
but we must always remember to keep our heads above the water & swim. 
I feel terrible having not embraced my blog as I normally do, and I get such a rush as if in the last few months - year since I have been active, that I do feel a connection with my readers that I wish went far beyond a comment, I guess this is where social communication like whatsapp, snapchat, kik - come in. :)

I have signed up to do the
 Blogging from A-Z April Challenge and I am excited!!! 
Anyone else is participating? 
I think what I am most excited about is that I can challenge myself to be more creative in my posts as well as consistent.
Instead of ending the month rambling, I've decided to put together a photo summery cause it's fun and who doesn't like photos ! :)

 Did my first 5k for the year

Started back swimming

My soulsister Ashley & Myself for St. Paddy's Day 

Look who finally got her Christmas present

Monthly Girls night meetup with Ade, Mel & Stace

Friday nights country girl style

My friend Ade & Myself sheltering from rain

One of my goals this year was to master a handstand
So I've been practicing

Ash & I at the Starparty [Stargazing]

Ending the weekend off with some Ziplining fun
Myself, my Bro & his Girlfriend

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  1. Louann... I am so happy you will be back regularly in April, life tends to keep us busy... you in such a great way, I see from Instagram... I will definitely read all your posts and comment when I can... I enjoy reading your blog and what you have to share... Have a great week and see you soon xox

    I won't be participating in the A-Z challenge as I read way to many blogs and I am detoxing and starting to exercise as much as I can while the weather is awful... I am so looking forward to the Spring so I can walk every single day... I need to get back on track... April 1st is D day for me... no excuses anymore xox

  2. I want to go ziplining! That's looks like so much fun!


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