Carnations & Sushi - The way to a woman's heart ♥

by - Sunday, June 28, 2015

On Thursday my lovely beau came to my work and surprised me with my favourite flowers - carnations. It was so beautiful and truly unexpected.
For the past 2 weeks my eyes have been feeling a little funny. I've had it on my white board to make an appointment with my Optometrist for so long, but I just kept delaying. 

Isn't it funny tho, how life puts things in place for you ? We just get too caught up or lazy - and so for me it started with feeling there was more of a strain on my right eye. Then last weekend was the headaches, at first I had it on my left side, then my right, then I went to bed with one and woke up with it. Then.... my glasses decided to break. So I'm thinking, well now I definitely need to make an appointment !!

So I did.... 

Friday morning, I went to see my eye doctor. Whilst doing the exam, my hands are clasped with eachother awaiting that awful blow of air in my eye - which surprisingly he never did. But.... more of less everything went fine. He did say my right eye vision has went down a little but it isn't a lot. I did get a new prescription so now I get to go glasses shopping ! 

Before I left he did one more exam where he checks the back of my eye. I kind of felt something wasn't right when he said "Let me just write down everything and then we can have a little chat." How dreaded ! 

He told me that the optical nerves in my eyes are swollen, and I need to watch my heart, cholesterol and pressure. He explained what it all meant and told me I would have to do an exam - no needles, no poking, none of that. So I go back on Wednesday and from there I would know what is what. 

The worst thing I did was try to google diagnose myself and of course, that doesn't help my anxiety. 

Needless to say, my spirits haven't been so high this weekend and probably won't be until I know for sure what's going on with my eyes. It is a very scary feeling. 

Anyway, let's change the convo !!!
P and I were planning to go on a date this weekend but Friday we stayed in by me, ordered pizza and watched tv. Pretty much a lazy Friday night. hehe

Yesterday we had a dinner date with some friends for sushi. Sushi is always a good idea ! :)
P came for me early and we took a drive. There's just something about being around nature that makes life feel so different, and when the sun is close to going down, everything looks so much brighter. Really makes you appreciate the outdoors. 


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  1. Take care of your eyes Louann... I had a simalar problem with my eyes a few years back... luckily it wasn't anything but we need to keep on top of that xox

    Your carnations look lovely, I'm happy to hear you had sometime with your friends xox ♡

  2. I really hope everything turns out to be okay for you and that your eyes are perfectly healthy - I can totally understand why you'd be anxious for the results. Your evening in with your boyfriend sounded lovely by the way :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice


  3. I love your blog. Amazing!!

  4. i couldn't of said it better myself. lol. lovely. looking forward to more. (:

    ♥ | | xoxo

  5. What a beautiful Lace Top! :)


  6. I love those flowers!
    Melanie @


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