Feeding giraffes with a Photo update

by - Sunday, June 14, 2015

Completely have lost sight into blogging these days and it's bad !!! I know :( 
If it wasn't studying that was keeping me back, it was just pure laziness to get infront of the computer and just write. 
I've had no inspiration either... I guess I just have these goals to get my certification set out and all I'm doing is aiming for that. 
I've finished Section 1 of my exam... 2 sections to go, and it is the hardest 2 ever !! I have given myself the end of the month to submit everything so I'm hoping I do get through with it all. 

Been going to the movies a lot these days - Mad Max - Pitch Perfect 2 - Avengers -  Aloha - Spy - Unfriended - Poltergeist - and now have 2 tickets for Jurassic World in Imax for Tuesday night, so definitely looking forward to that !!!
Also I know I am super late when it comes to series but I'm finally getting into Teen Wolf. lol Only got to episode 4 in Season 1, but I'll catch up. Next on my mission is Game of Thrones. lol 

I have been thinking of creating a fitness blog / vlog - on my journey to fit - We all have our journey and our goals and one of my goals is to go up for bikini competition next year..... so I need to up my game, get serious and get lean. :)

My external hard drive is now in the hands of a guy who could possibly fix it, so we shall see. Been getting so nervous if anything would be recovered, or saved.  

Now I shall leave you with a little photo update :)

[Ash & I at a fundraiser]
[Photo booth prop dressup]
[Just Me with my semi blonde hair]
[Princess the Welsh mountain pony]
[Giraffe feeding time]
[Back to brunette]
[Anthony's 80's dress up surprise Birthday Party]

[A little fitness]

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  1. Louann, you have no need to apologize for having a life... I am glad we are on Instagram together... I would be so down for you to have a fitness blog. I went to my first boot camp and did maybe 20% of it and was sore, I am going back... my hope is that I keep up with it through out the week and not just once a week... maybe if you have time to do the fitness blog, I might try a few of your things in between... Have a great week girl xox


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