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by - Sunday, July 05, 2015

Happy Sunday my lovlies !!!

The last time I updated, my spirits were in such a rut ! Worrisome - Anxiety - ugh, just not the best, all because I was nervous about my followup eye exam on Wednesday - which by the way, ended up going great !

The exam didn't take too long, although it felt like a lifetime !! I had to put my face in this dome, with one eye covered out (at a time), I had to look at a light straight ahead and press a buzzer everytime I saw a white star/dot light in the dome, these bursts can show up anywhere and some were brighter than others. My eyes got so tired but my Ophthalmologist said my results came back fine and my eyes are good. :)

I had such wonderful support as well from P, who said he knew everything would be fine, literally making me feel more confident and positive. That night he took me for dinner at Rizzoni's Ristorante Italiano and toasted and celebrated while stuffing our faces with yummy Italian cuisine. mmm mmm mmmmmmm <3

We went to a fundraiser a while back with a dressup photo booth
The ending of the week turned out to be just as nice. 
Friday we went to the movies to see Terminator Genisys which was pretty good although we both caught ourselves falling asleep... but in no way was that because of the movie ! hehehe 

Yesterday we had so many plans but mother nature decided I better stay home, popped up with pain killers and chill da heck out ! Ugh
Cramps suck so bad, and these months I seem to be getting them 2 days before (which happened) and then yesterday it finally came, bringing along lots of pain and cravings. 

With all my sucky cramps, P asked if I wanted to go for ice cream. Of course I do boo !! Hello !! :) 
So he took me for Haagen-Dazs and after we went for Wendy's cause we are greedy like that. As we got back by me, plopped down on the couch and went straight to Netflix - TEEN WOLF TIME BABY!!!

I really love this series !! I can't get enough and we are on Season 3, episode 9. Going through the episodes like wildfire. 
With that said...
time to continue watching. :)

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  1. glad to hear the exam went well. those are such stressful things--all the waiting and whatnot. i've never fallen asleep (or close) at a movie but oh yes when at home! i've not seen TW but i believe it's filmed in Atl where I live.

  2. I hate eye exams! Glad yours went okay. :)

    Happy Tuesday!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  3. P has the same shower cap as me! I had never thought to wear it outside but now who knows ;-)

    Suze | LuxuryColumnist

  4. P has the same shower cap as me! I had never thought to wear it outside but now who knows ;-)

    Suze | LuxuryColumnist

  5. Happy to hear that your eye exam well! Sending you many hugs & I hope your Wednesday is as beautiful like you!!!
    xoxo, Vanessa

  6. Glad your exam when well. Love these pics of you and your man!


  7. You guys are so cute and congrats on the exams!
    Melanie @ meandmr.com

  8. I'm so relieved for you that your eye test turned out okay! I love the explosion of colour in this post :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice


  9. Mmmm... good Italian food makes everything better!

    District of Chic


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