DIY Crèche - Nativity Scene Pt 2

by - Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The Box 

Like seriously !!
For the life of me, this year I couldn't find a box the size I wanted, so I had to really cut and extend and the roof with spare pieces and it still wasn't as high as I'd like, sorry Joseph ! 
Next I have crumbled brown paper with some rustic spray paint on it and I use that to cover the inside and outside of the box.
The setup 

I knew I wanted trees to the back and was initially going to put a few black pieces of Bristol board behind with stars to mimic the night sky, but it just didn't fit in well. 

I used a glass table that I use every year, but this time instead of it being against the wall, I used a box I have that the holly is stored in and slipped it behind along with a pedestal for the angel and a folded eating table for the actual inn. 
I draped some natural coloured and brown burlap fabric over the setup and then added in the trees, figurines, moss, stones, lights and these cute fences I found in the craft store which I used for stables. 
Thatch roof

I knew I wanted the inn to have a thatch roof this year, and finding dead fallen palm branches was easy ! 

I snipped off all the leaflets and hot glued them to the brown paper. 
So there you have it.
As always guys, if you have any questions feel free to ask. :)

I'm no expert but it's always a joy to be creative.

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