One million fires burning

by - Sunday, April 03, 2016

At approximately 5 pm last evening, we packed the cooler, grabbed our blankets and headed to the old tracking station for a night of star gazing.
As P held my hand, we made our way up the hill through the lush green countryside, the temperature dropping, and in the silence, the sound of nature surrounded us. 

I layed out my mexican blanket, set up the chairs, organized the snacks and waited for the others to arrive.

In this moment, I shared a few real-time photographs of the settings via Snapchat & Instagram. A follower of mine commented in excitement, yet disappointed it was that night - and she was missing it.

Making her night a turn of spontaneity, I had an extra ticket. 

It was surreal to actually meet Sarina - The Founder of Trini Gourmet !

As the presentations were taking place, interesting but too long - we got to chatting and I was shocked when she told me "I have so many questions for you." - Shocked because, it isn't often you meet someone who has an honest interest in what you do. I was silently flattered. 

With the night progressing, the presentation finished, we were able to take some night sky photographs.
I was incredibly frustrated at my settings - nothing seemed to work for me and I blame the lenses I brought. :(
Regardless, the stars were spectacular and old satellite dish is always a beautiful subject. 
So much history is written on these grounds.
We are lucky to be able to enjoy nights like this. 

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  1. It does look beautiful Louann... my camera never seems to capture what I am seeing with my eyes... I wish it could because I love to have a picture of those special times xox

  2. What an experience! Sounds so romantic. LOL

    I would love to do that at some point. I've never been to the old tracking station, but I hear it's a favourite amongst photographers.

  3. Awww I think the pictures look lovely and I was secretly flattered that you included me! 💕💕💕


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