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by - Friday, June 24, 2016

Welcoming the last Friday of June - a rainy & wet one. Can you believe it? Summer is ready to come and go before our eyes.
The last week I have been down and out with the Zika virus. Ekkkk I know, trust me! The first 2 days were very mild but the rest of the week I was in bed right through. I am just so happy to be getting better again and back to blogging. 

I am super excited Summer is drawing in closer !! I have been wanting to create a Summer bucket list, just so I can work up on getting shit done! 

1| Photography - Ever since I could remember, I loved capturing images. Photography was my thing. 2 years ago I invested in upgrading my equipment and bought a Canon D70. Something I thought would have been my dream camera. Sadly.... I hardly used it. I reached to the point I didn't want to tote around 6 lenses, hurt my shoulder and miss perfect shots - So... I sold it. I sold everything and took my money and got this baby. 

I had a very mini version for years and it was my everyday camera - now this is mine and she is beautiful. 

2| Series - I am so completely obsessed with this Netflix series. I binged watched all of Season 4 the same week it came out. I now await Season 5 !!

3| Baking - Baking became a huge passion of mine when I became a vegan in 2004. Since at the time I knew of no other vegans - or desserts - I had to create my own. 

I eventually grew to not have much of a sweet tooth - but my hands just need to be occupied, plus, I love seeing people stuff their faces with my goodies. That 'mmm' look is priceless every single time!

4| Beauty - Summer means beautiful skin, am I right ladies? This is a constant re-purchase in my beauty closet. I have raved about Glamglow in the past and I shall continue to! If there is one thing in this world that can guarantee my skin look flawless all the time - without makeup, it's this !
5| Summer-loving - A time to spend basking in the sun, soaking in the ocean and going off on crazy adventures ! Falling in love, exploring your hometown and living in the moment (which we seldom ever do anymore) // So this summer... laugh, shine and most importantly, do something YOU love.
 As for now, it's time to get this link-up summer party started !
Link up your favourite summer post ! 
If you don't have, anything bright, shiny and sparkly will do. 
Be sure to visit a few new blogs, follow and leave footprints of love. xx

It's a link-up summer party 

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  1. I love photography and baking too. Sounds like a good week.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  2. Louann, I am so sorry to hear you had the zika virus, that is scary... I am grateful to hear you are starting to feel better... take care of yourself and get lots of rest xox

    1. Thanks Launna, I am doing much better now. Had a terrible weekend but recovering nicely. :)

  3. I love photography and watching other people bake - I can't bake to save my life! Hope you recover fully soon.

    xx, Richel Goes Places

  4. nice thanks for sharing!

    Have a great week!
    Animated Confessions

  5. Orange is the New Black is my jam!

    God bless,

    XO, Claire


  6. So awesome!

    JENNEROUTFITS.COM a blog dedicated to kendall and kylie jenner’s best outfits.

  7. Amazing picks! Thanks for sharing darling! Happy Monday!
    much love,Len

  8. Ahh I couldnt agree more, summer is passing by so quickly! Love this series though, such a nice wrap up and intro to some products I've never heard of!

    1. Thanks dear. Try to soak up as much summer as you can. :)

  9. I hope you are feeling better Louann!! I recently purchased my first camera and I have yet to use it, I think I need to invest in some classes. But, it just seems so complicated.

    1. Practice practice practice !! :) You will always end up learning your own style and trial and error. :)

  10. Hope you're feeling better! ;)

  11. I've heard great things about Glamglow! I need to try it!

    District of Chic

  12. Wow! You bake vegan all the time? That's awesome! I feel like I'd end up getting frustrated. I wish I could try some of what you've made :)

  13. I'm sorry to hear that you had the Zika virus. Hope you are feeling better.


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