Vacationing | Mini Photodump

by - Monday, August 15, 2016

I'm currently on Vacation in our beautiful sister island and I must apologize for the absence but the wifi here is just terrible - and my service data isn't that good either.

Just checking in for now to say hello and I hope everyone is having a wonderful Summer - or what's left of it.
What have you been up to?

For now I want to share a few photos of my trip so far from my Instagram.

A photo posted by Louann Kristy | Blogger (@herbarefootmusings) on

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  1. Enjoy that gorgeous vacation Louann... the scenery and horizon pictures are beautiful and wow to the white sand xox

  2. oh, those pictures!! i seriously sat here for a good two minutes staring at your images because it's raining and sucky here. enjoy!!!

  3. oh my goodness, what gorgeous pictures! hope you are enjoying your vacation!

  4. All of these are gorgeous but I'm especially obsessed with the pictures of the sky- that moon is killer!

  5. Next time take me with you, ok? ;-)

  6. Your adventures look like so much fun! thank you for sharing! xo, sharon


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