October Recap

by - Sunday, November 06, 2016

Hi friends, linking up with Gretchen & Kristen today for a monthly recap of October ! 

What a month October was, huh? 
It started with a surprise dinner for my brother who graduated a few weeks before. 

I have been working non stop that I haven't even made it back to the gym as yet. It has become one of those constant saying "I'll start Monday" -- and of course, we known darn well it won't happen on Monday. Ha! Dammit - I miss it so much. I could feel a huge difference in my body since I stopped, and that isn't a 'good' difference. booooo !

Speaking of boooo.... Halloween came and went so quickly! 

I think I was so caught up in all my Birthday glee I pretty much threw the idea of Halloweening out the window.

I did get to carve my own pumpkin this year and it was quite fun but also quite messy. 

This month I was also super excited to see a nest being made and lived in right in my porch that I couldn't contain myself but to document it!
Welcome to the world Hubert & Marjorie 
Nesting with their Mummy 
And Mummy & Daddy spending the last night with them
soooo sweet !!! 

Catching Sunsets <3 

In the earlier part of October, after 3 years, we scattered Dad's ashes in his favourite fishing spot. Due to personal reasons, I won't disclose any photographs of that moment. 
In the evening, my family got together for a little sharing. 

Can we talk about Sushi? I think Sushi is always a good idea. I swear, it cures everything and brings out the crazy in all of us.

Random selfie. 

My darling Missy-Ophelia turned 9. I can't believe it. She is just the most sweetest angel ever ! 

Ending some evenings grabbing a snow-cone around the Savannah.

With being busy with work a lot these days, I am really thankful for the moments I get to enjoy like these.
Although the time frame is jumbled. It was a lovely October and now we welcome November. 
So excited we are getting closer to Christmas !!

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  1. These photos are so pretty, you look amazing

  2. October sounds like a busy month! I agree, sushi is always a good idea! Your pup is adorable!

    Doused In Pink

  3. Cheers to nesting birds - Hubert and Marjorie are adorable. You did an incredible job sneaking shots of their little family! And Missy-Ophelia! Such a little sweetheart!

    Happy Belated Birthday lovely!


  4. Oh those little birds are just the sweetest!! You take such good photos!

  5. Lovely recap Louann! Your little dog looks adorable!

  6. Aww, happy birthday to Ophelia!
    I love that you were excited about the bird nest! When we first moved into our house there were spiky blocks in the corners of our porch and I asked my husband what they were. He said he guessed that was how the previous owners kept birds from nesting. I immediately got rid of them :)

  7. What a month! The bird's nest pictures are awesome. We had a robin's nest at the condo we lived in a few years ago, and I felt so protective of that nest and those baby birds!


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